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Mc Queen Prototype Design

RACE BODIES, OFF-ROAD TRUCKS, CARS – EVERYTHING HANDMADE: Good design and keen eye to detail is what set us apart from the rest. When we say “Everything handmade“, we mean literally “everything“! At McQueen Prototype Design Inc. we pride ourselves in creating cutting edge designs that follow trends throughout the off-road motor sports & recreation niche. Our unique designs will certainly accent your next project or enhance the appearance of your current vehicle, adding value to your customized project. Mike McQueen‘s motorsports career now spans nearly half a century and covers almost every segment of the business. After Mike McQueen, the former owner of McQueen Prototype Design Inc. and a true legend in car developing, passed away, we decided to carry on his heritage. Handmade is the key for race bodies, off-road trucks, cars or car body parts, you will find nothing in our house which is pre-made, everything is made to order and will be produced in-house.