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2555 East Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, 91107
+1 626-486-1400
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House of Marketing Resarch

Many companies hope they're reaching their target audiences, but don't really know for sure. House of Marketing Research ("HMR") is the one they turn to, to find out. HMR is one of LA's Premiere Focus Group Facility. Specializing in both quantitative and qualitative research, HMR's capabilities include in-house recruiting, massive national database, intercept interviewing, national project management, online discussion board groups, online and offline surveys, online focus groups and usability labs with Morae software. Our staff of trained moderators (QRCA members) with capabilities in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Tagalog, obtain quality insights to help our clients make better business decisions. HMR's proactive researchers offer expertise in a wide variety of segments, including healthcare, consumer goods, business-to-business, and ethnic markets including African American, Asian and Hispanic. Our top rated focus group facility is equipped live video streaming for remote observation and participation, translation equipment, digital audio and video.